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  • 油缸促动器
  • cylinder:    n. 1.圆筒;机筒;烘筒;量筒;( ...
  • actuator:    n. 【机械工程】促动器;【电学】( ...
  • actuator cylinder:    促动器油缸
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  1. Hydraulic fluid power - cylinder actuator mounted valves - standard dimensions for mounting surfaces
  2. All valves are available with hand - wheels , gearing , electric motor actuators or pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder actuators
  3. Cylinder actuators can be provided with manual overrides for emergency valve actuation , fail safe mode and other accessories
  4. They are less readily adaptable to fail - safe operation than cylinder actuators because they generally require more stored energy
  5. All pacific gate , globe and non - return valves can be supplied with electric , air , gas or hydraulic driven motor actuators or cylinder actuators

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