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[ kʌt ] Pronunciation:   "cut" in a sentence   "cut" meaning
  • vt.
    (cut; cutting)
    1.切,割,截,斩,砍(树),剪(发等);切断,割下;采伐;剪下;修剪,刈。 I have cut my finger. 我切伤了指头。 I had my hair cut at the barber's. 我在理发店理了发了。
    2.削减(物价等),节减(费用);删节(文章等)。 cut prices 降价。 cut an article 删节一篇文章。
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  1. He cut off a meter of cloth from the roll .
  2. He was badly cut up by the death of his son .
  3. We need a man of his cut in this firm .
  4. He cut a poor figure on a public occasion .
  5. I expect to have my work cut out for me .

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