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  • 货币动荡
  • 货币混乱
  • currency:    n. 1.通货。 2.通用,流通,流 ...
  • turmoil:    n. 骚动,喧嚷,混乱。 His m ...
  • be in a turmoil:    处于混乱之中
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  1. " however , the most serious currency turmoil in asia dominated the last quarter of the year
  2. The advent of the financial currency turmoil in asia has in fact made such co - operation more real and meaningful
  3. Limited exposure to the asian region explained why banks were able to stand up well against the currency turmoil
  4. However , as the asian currency turmoil spread , share prices fell sharply from the historic high of 16 , 820 on 7 august
    不过,由于亚洲金融风暴蔓延,股价由八月七日16 , 820点的历史高位急挫。
  5. Notwithstanding the asian currency turmoil , the exchange rate of the hong kong dollar remained remarkably stable against the us dollar during 1997

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