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  1. Cumulation properties of heavy metals by suaeda heteorptera on estuary banks of river qingjinghuanghe in tianjin
  2. Meanwhile , we put forward symmetric correction to resolve inherent error cumulation of point - by - point imaging modality
  3. Our future accomplishments are determined entirely by how every second in our life is put to use . the future is the cumulation of many " nows "
    未来的成就完全是在掌握分秒中造就出来, “未来”也是由“现在”累积而成。
  4. The cumulation of tdfcsd in a certain period eliminates the remainder noise more , and the ability of detecting signal ' s frequency is improved
    通过对某段时间得到的功率谱密度累积,进一步改善snr ,提高信号频率的检测能力。
  5. The results obtained show the effects of defection cumulation material nonlinear and internal force distribution are remarkable with increase of crack element

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