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  1. Cross currency interest rate swap
  2. Cross currency trade
  3. We have since linked that system with similar debt clearing systems in a number of other jurisdictions to facilitate cross border and cross currency investments in debt markets
  4. Information technology has valuable applications also in risk management and we have in hong kong so applied it to enable rtgs for transactions in three currencies and rtgs pvp for cross currency transactions involving the three currencies . i would therefore urge all those in hong kong , in particular the banks , once again to consider making fuller use of the rtgs payment services in the three currencies
  5. The need to eliminate settlement risk for cross currency transactions , arising from the time difference in the operation of domestic settlement systems , has regrettably not been given the attention it deserves . this is true not only for the occasional users of , and investors in , foreign exchange , but also for the financial institutions providing the service and engaging in trading and market making

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