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Pronunciation:   "cover installation" in a sentence
  • 封盖安装
  • cover:    vt. 1.覆盖,遮蔽,包裹;戴帽子 ...
  • installation:    n. 1.就职,就任,就职礼。 2. ...
  • cover for:    代替; 负责或承担(他人的义务或工作 ...
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  1. This document covers installation for the
  2. This warranty service applies to the product only and does not cover installation workmanship
  3. This tip covers installation and use of such a tool , as well as the corresponding xsl that processes multiple files from the directory listing
    这篇技巧介绍了这样一种工具的安装和使用,以及用于处理目录列表中的多个文件的相应xsl 。
  4. The aim of the government ' s ? 86 million low carbon buildings programme , launched in 2006 , is to demonstrate the potential of microgeneration technologies , and also stimulate the market by demonstrating their potential and providing grants to householders , public , not for profit and commercial organisations across the uk to cover installation cost

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