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[ 'kʌridʒ ] Pronunciation:   "courage" in a sentence   "courage" meaning
  • n.
    勇气,胆量;精神。moral courage 精神之勇,坚信不移之勇。 physical courage 不怕身体危险的勇气,刚勇。 stoic courage坚忍不拔的精神。 have the courage of one's convictions [opinions] 勇于坚持自己的主张[信仰]。 lose courage 丧气,丧胆。 take [muster up, pluck up, screw up] courage 鼓起勇气。 take+More...
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  1. She showed great courage during the war .
  2. He also can muster courage and resist .
  3. His courage failed him at the last moment .
  4. He still had not the courage to approach her .
  5. His courage compels universal admiration .

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