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  • 地方道路
  • 县公路 ( 县道 ) ,乡道
  • 县公路(县道)
  • county:    n. 1.〔英国〕郡〔与专有名词连用 ...
  • road:    n. 1.路,道路;街〔略 Rd.〕 ...
  • county road 184:    县道184之东
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  1. Manager of county road commission
  2. Maintenance of special roadbed of county road in north - west region
  3. Study of design parameters of asphalt pavement structure of county road in xiangxi
  4. County road shall be built , maintained and managed by county ( city ) departments in charge of highways
  5. This area land transportation contain zhueng shan superhighway , fast road , north - south highway , north - south railway and 163 county road etc

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