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  • n.
    【植物;植物学】草棉;棉,棉花;棉线;棉布,棉织品;〔美口〕脱脂棉。 upland [sea-island] cotton陆地[海岛]棉。 tree cotton木棉。 ginned cotton皮棉。 unginned cotton籽棉。 raw cotton原棉。 dead cotton废棉。vi.
    一致,赞同 (with) 接近,亲近 (to with) (对提案等)抱好感,欢迎。 cotton to 发生好感,喜欢起…来。 cot+More...
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  1. They chopped the cotton and hoed the corn .
  2. Leather gloves are stronger than cotton gloves .
  3. Cotton consumption has continued to rise .
  4. Water will easily permeate a cotton dress .
  5. Now he can't unload any of his cotton .

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