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  • 与和谐
  • cotton:    n. 【植物;植物学】草棉;棉,棉花 ...
  • cotton:    n. 科顿〔姓氏〕。 n. 【植物; ...
  • cotton (purified cotton):    精制棉(脱脂棉)
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  1. Mixing cottons with wide variation in micronaire and maturity
  2. Study on root system development ability of cotton with different cultivation way
  3. Effect of water stress on carbohydrate metabolism in cotton with varying boll size
  4. These socks are made of 85 % cotton with 15 % nylon reinforced around the toe
    这些短袜是85 %的棉和15 %的尼龙织成的,脚趾的周围有特别的加强设计。
  5. Cotton with good workmanship , we provide high standard children garment , more products pls browse our website or contact with us

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