costacurta meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "costacurta" in a sentence
  • 科斯塔科塔
  • 科斯塔库塔


  1. This is one of the things that i learned from maldini and costacurta , to never give up and to fight until the end
  2. Milan ' s rearguard still includes some real veterans with marcos cafu , paolo maldini and billy costacurta having a combined age of 114
  3. Simic spoke about two of his rossoneri mentors , maldini and costacurta , who have taught him to never give up and fight until the end
  4. The defence , shorn of alessandro nesta who last week underwent surgery on his hand , was a little sluggish , with paolo maldini and alessandro costacurta backpedalling furiously to cope with cagliari ' s speed on the break

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