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[ kə'rekʃən ] Pronunciation:   "correction" in a sentence   "correction" meaning
修正,改正;校正;矫正;〔古语〕惩罚;勘误表,补正。 a copy disfigured by numerous corrections 修改得一塌糊涂的文稿。 first correction of proofs (校样的)初校,头校。 a free air correction海平校正数。 Gregorian corrections 【天文学】格列高里改正历,阳历。 a steering correction【火箭】控制信号,稳定信号。 under+More...
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  1. The variation of the corrections is typical .
  2. The correction is relatively small .
  3. We try to find a correction to the frequency of waves .
  4. Readers make the corrections pointed out in the table of errata .
  5. I speak under correction .

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