copper wire meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "copper wire" in a sentence
  • 铜丝。
  • copper:    n. 〔英俚〕警察。
  • wire:    n. 1.金属线,铜丝,铁丝,钢丝; ...
  • wire copper:    电工铜
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  1. The rate at which pulses can be sent and received on copper wires is called frequency .
  2. The signals carried in copper wires consist of about one million waves per second .
  3. Ringing a telephone now requires copper wire from the central exchange to the home .
  4. Copper wires are carried back from the rotating terminals to the individual sliprings along grooves in the outside of the shaft .
  5. Solderable polyesterimide enamelled round copper wire

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