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  1. An older sister taught copland how to play the piano while he attended public high school
  2. In 1944 , the martha graham ballet " appalachian spring , " with music by aaron copland , premiered at the library of congress , with graham in a leading role
  3. Fashioning orchestral pieces out of dances from operas or ballets began in the baroque period ; later examples include tchaikovsky ' s nutcracker suite and copland ' s appalachian spring , both arranged from ballets
  4. American composers like gershwin and copland were captivated by the swing of latin dances , but it was the great argentinian tango composer astor piazzolla who took the smouldering seduction of his national dance into the world of orchestral music . walther castro has this music in his blood and brings the authentic sound of buenos aires to the hong kong philharmonic
  5. Among the most prominent composers of the 20th century were b la bart k , gustav mahler , richard strauss , giacomo puccini , claude debussy , maurice ravel , charles ives , edward elgar , arnold schoenberg , sergei rachmaninoff , sergei prokofiev , igor stravinsky , dmitri shostakovich , benjamin britten , aaron copland and carl nielsen

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