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  • coordination:    n. 同等,同位,对等;同等关系;调 ...
  • agent:    provocateur (pl. a ...
  • agent:    n. 1.行为者,动作者;【语法】主 ...
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  1. And then , according to minimum principle , each uav smoothes its own path which the coordination agent selects such that the dynamic constraints are sati sfied and the length is preserved
    通过在协同规划层调整eta ,寻找到既能满足时间约束,又能使团队代价最小,且尽量使单架无人机的个体代价次最小的路径。
  2. Through adjusting coordination variable eta ( estimated team arrival time ) , coordination agent selects paths and feasible velocities among each uav initial optimal and suboptimal paths , such that timing constraint is satisfied
    引入团队预计到达目标时间( estimatedteamarrivaltime )作为协同变量,飞行路径的代价作为协同函数,通过协同函数传递各架飞机到达目标的时间范围。

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