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  • [作业 运输] 轮廓图象
  • contour:    n. 1.外形,轮廓;周线,轮廓线。 ...
  • figure:    n. 1.外形,形状,外观;姿态。 ...
  • figure for:    谋取, 企图获得; 谋取,企图获取; ...
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  1. through numerical simulation, the accuracy of the methods has been intensively studied . the contour figures of localization errors are given
  2. chapter 4 computes the wave-making resistance, the 3d wave figure and its contour figure of wigley ship and makes satisfying results
  3. the result of thermal analysis for coupled-cavity slow-wave structure had been achieved in the form of temperature contour figure and heat flow density vector figure

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