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  • 具体运算阶段
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  1. But the articles which combine these elements together to approach the current situation of implement and to create the concrete operational models of education for all - around development in middle schools and primary schools do n ' t exist
  2. It emphatically analyses some basic principles and ensuring factors of efficient functioning of political system in china , thus providing the theoretical foundation and concrete operational orientation for political system reform
  3. Based on the all - round review of main schools of strategic management , this thesis clarifies the superiority of those theories that focus on process , and expounds the exigency that concrete operational management tools cooperate with these theories
  4. Based on the elementary ideas of category in the genetic epistemology , we used the approaches of implicit learning and componential analysis in modern cognitive psychology to explore the process of 7 , 8 - year - old children who lies in the transition from piaget ' s pre - operational thinking to concrete operational thinking , acquiring disjunctive categories in the experimental research
    在本研究中,我们立足发生认识论有关“范畴”的基本思想,采用现代认知心理学中有关内隐学习和成分分析的方法对处于由前运算思维向具体运算思维过渡时期的儿童( 7 ? 8岁)获得“析取”范畴的过程进行了研究。
  5. Meanwhile , the author took more comparative research on concrete operational means of western and chinese tourism planning , analyzed their characters and shortcomings in order to find a special way for development of chinese tourism industry

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