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  • component:    adj. 构成的,组成的,合成的,成 ...
  • ageing:    n. 1.变陈;成熟;【化学】老化。 ...
  • and component:    与元件
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  1. After selecting the elastic component shape suitable for the structure of the machine tool , elementary design is implemented for two kinds of component material : 40crnimn & ly12 . then the analyse of the elastic component stress and strain is completed , and the check of the component age limit and strength follows
    本文对弹性元件进行了选型和设计,根据机床结构要求确定了弹性元件的形式后,针对两种常用的弹性元件材料( 40crnimn和ly12 )进行了初步设计,然后对弹性元件进行应力应变分析,并对弹性元件进行了强度和寿命校验。

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