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  1. In the digital inverter , we adopt the technology of digital dynamic waveform correction , which can compensate the delay between control signal and output waveform , and ensure the accuracy of control . at the same time , the technology of digital dc component adjustment was introduced , by which we can exactly compensate the control signal , and realize adjusting dc component of output on the premise of output performance
  2. V ) occupying space and covering ground should be served as the main strategy in early stage of vegetation restoration , which would enable the community coverage to rehabilitate rapidly . in mid - stage , due to the change of light environment and the species substitution , component adjustment should be chose as the main strategy
    5 )植被恢复的策略是早期阶段以抢占空间、覆盖地面的对策为主,群落盖度恢复很快;中期阶段,林内光照环境改变,物种替代,恢复对策以物种组成成分的调整为主;后期则是生物量积累与组成结构调整并重。

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