compiling and linking meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "compiling and linking" in a sentence
  • 编译和连接
  • compile:    vt. 汇集,编辑,编制;搜集(资料 ...
  • linking:    n. 耦合,结合,咬合;联系;连接。 ...
  • compiling:    编制编译; 正在编译
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  1. And add them to the compile and link commands
  2. Compiles and links for multithreaded code
  3. The path to a source file to dynamically compile and link against
  4. Compile and link the c code to produce the executable scanner
  5. When you compile and link an image with a single invocation of cl . exe ,
    通过单独调用cl . exe编译和链接映像时,

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