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[ kɔmpen'seiʃən ] Pronunciation:   "compensation" in a sentence   "compensation" meaning
  • n.
    赔偿;补偿(金);报酬 (for);〔美国〕薪水,工资 (for); 【机械工程】补整;【造船】补强。
    compensation for damage 损害赔偿。 compensation for removal 退职金,遣散费。 in compensation for 以作…的赔偿[报酬]。
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  1. She is still pressing her claim for compensation .
  2. But all trials bring their compensations .
  3. The agitation for adjusted compensation redoubled .
  4. The owners of the hotel were held entitled to compensation .
  5. He urged the state to adopt accident compensation system .

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