compass bearing meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "compass bearing" in a sentence
  • 罗方位罗经方位
  • 罗经方位角
  • 罗盘方位角
  • compass:    n. 1.周围;界限,区域范围;【音 ...
  • bearing:    n. 1.忍耐,忍受。 2.态度,举 ...
  • bearing compass:    测向罗经; 定位罗盘; 定向罗盘; ...
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  1. Cb compass bearing g
  2. They are able to do so because these records use both compass bearings and astronomical observations to locate a vessel
  3. In less time than it takes to get a good compass bearing , cheap credit and stable markets have given way to investor panic and a credit crunch

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