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  • 康派斯牌衬衫
  • 孔帕
  • 罗盘,指南针
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  1. In first productive department of yu xie cigarette manufacture , there are twenty - one british passim 12k cigarette machines , ten germanic protos 90s cigarette machines , twenty germanic compas 500 packing machines , eleven italian gd 2000 hard package , thirty - one linked devices of curled pack , and thirty - one focke sealed machines , in addition , we have built automatic material flow systems which were from korea . the systems are mainly used to transport adjuvant and finished products , and now the enterprise is able to produce millions boxes every year
    玉烟生产一部拥有世界一流的英国passim12k卷烟机21台,德国protos90s卷烟机10台,德国compas500包装机20台,意大利gd2000型硬包机11台,卷包连接装置31套, focke封箱机31台,并建有韩国引进自动物流系统(高架仓库) ,负责辅料成品输送,已形成具备年产百万箱的生产规模。

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