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  • [网络] 对比分析法
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  1. on the basis of lot with characteristics of city, learning city theory analysis structure is built to generally describe a learning city by comparison analysis method
  2. applying compared advantage theory and international competitiveness theory as the rationale, adopting the comparison analysis method, making use of various data, this dissertation researches the international competition ability of our country's citrus, judges the level of international competititive ability of citrus, analyzes the direct and indirect factors that influence the international competititive ability of citrus, inquires into how china's entering wto influences the citrus industry, and puts forward countermeases and suggestions
  3. the paper begins with the basic concept of appraisal regulation, definites the appraisal regulation's innate character, and explains essential element such as subject, object, target and means; the next in order, passing to draw lessons from the theories of the classic economics, the text deep analyze into the necessity and the importance of appraisal regulation; thirdly, through comparison analysis methods, and drawing lessons from advanced study result of abroad and domestic of appraisal regulation, the article studies the system's composing of appraisal regulation; finally, combines the national conditions of our country, the paper sets up the appraisal regulation system frame in our country, and has probed into the research from the regulation system of government, the regulation system of independent management of industry and social regulation system three aspects
  4. the first part is the preface . through the analysis to " administrative legislation ", this article use the research technique and the content to makes a research to the administrative legislation developing process, which adopts the historical inspection and the comparison analysis method
  5. abstract : the ecological benefits on various bunds planted with vegetation were studied using fuzzy comparison analysis method , the results showed that the bunds of amorpha fruiticosa , biomass , caragana korshinskii are relatively good , especially the bund of amorpha fruiticosa is the best , whereas the bund of malus spectabilis is somewhat insuperior to any other bunds

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