comparing things meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "comparing things" in a sentence
  • 比较事物
  • 彼此较劲
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  1. Sometimes we can not compare things
  2. Remember using the comparative form of the adjective when comparing things , e . g
  3. Although it may be foolhardy to compare things as complex as religions , people do
  4. A good way to come up with new ideas is to compare things that are different at the first sight
  5. But there is still only one value . undefined scalars contain the " undef " value . you shouldn t compare anything to undef , the way you would compare things to null in c c java
    如果在c / c + + / java程序中,您可以将其他值与null比较,但在perl中却不能拿任何东西来与" undef "做比较。

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