comparing power meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "comparing power" in a sentence
  • 比较能力
  • compare:    vt. 1.比较,对照 (with) ...
  • power:    n. 1.力,力量;能力;体力,精力 ...
  • comparing:    比较的
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  1. The method of using expert system and fuzzy theory in fault diagnosis for substation is brought out in this paper by comparing power system fault diagnosis methods and principles in our country and foreign countries . we study mainly the expert system whose knowledge base has many features and advantages and bring out the method of dealing with the uncertaingtity by fuzzy theory
    <中文摘要> =本文通过比较国内外电力系统故障诊断方法和故障判断原则,提出了将专家系统和模糊理论用于变电站故障诊断的方法? ?主要以研究专家系统为主;对用模糊推理来处理不确定信息进行了初步的探讨。

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