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  • 农材开发计划
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  1. Neighbours first is a community program serving the chinatown area and consists of uniformed volunteers patrolling on foot and providing directions and safety information to visitors
  2. As a new member of the horizon community program , we have been given the following initial broadcast dates all on sundays for three of master s video lectures , each 27 . 5 minutes in length
    身为地平线社区电视节目的新成员,我们刚开始将会有三次播放师父讲经录影带的时间,每次27 . 5分钟。播放时间如下均为星期天,后续播放日期和时间待核准后,会再宣布。
  3. The author , from a view of a programmer , tries his best to get proper solutions to problems in the community programming , such as how to extend rural industry chain , adjust the structure of the industry and build corresponding material conditions to enrich the people
  4. The findings of this study could be used for planning activities addressing the physical and psychological needs of students . therefore , ndhpsp as is a community program for schools in north district could use these data to develop a comprehensive health promotion program for the district
  5. The government of taiwan has been giving priority consideration to the development of the machine tool and machinery industry . in the challenge 2008 - national development plan , the executive yuan proposed a central taiwan precision machinery r d community program in the hope of assisting manufacturers to undergo upgrade and transformation , and furthermore , build an r d stronghold for nano bio machinery .

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