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  • 社区委员会
  • community:    n. 1.村社;社会,集体;乡镇,村 ...
  • committee:    n. 1.委员会;〔集合词〕(全体) ...
  • communities:    社区吧
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  1. El jobo community committee , tamanique county
  2. It also concludes the community committee that is newly planned . the attainable development of society emphasizes the importance of community development on both the objective and the approach of social development
  3. As a result , i get some new innovations , such as : 1 , i put forward a new method about compensation according to market price ; 2 , i agree to resolve peasant ' s removal problem with carrot and strong policy , 3 , i suggest that the collective land not farming but construction directly appears on the market ; 4 , i advise that the changing from village to community should leap neighborhood committee and direct to the community committee ; 5 , i advise that we can turn removal compensation money to stock ; 6 , i suggest that we can use the " bot " way to attract the real estate promoter in transform
    本文的创新之处在于:一、提出拆迁补偿按市场价进行补偿的实施方法;二、提出解决农民拆迁问题的“胡萝卜加大棒政策” ;三、提出集体非农建设用地直接上市的观点;四、提出村转居跨越居委会直接向社区居委会转变的观点;五、提出将拆迁补偿款折成股份来解决拆迁补偿费;六、提出借鉴bot方式外部筹资。
  4. Carrying out community residents " self - governance means to change the former single residents " committees system , bring forth new ideas in organization forms and systems , and form new subject system of community self - governing organization according to establishing the organs such as community residents " conference , community coordination committees and community committees

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