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  • n.
    2.【军事】粮秣员,兵站负责人员(=commissar); 〔美国〕(军队、矿山等的)日用物资供销店;【电影】(制片厂等的)内部食堂。
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  1. Yes . i was the class commissary in charge of studies ( recreational activities , physical culture , labour )
  2. At any hour of the day my grandfather would take me shopping at the banana company ' s succulent commissary
  3. Cochairman of student council , general secretary of student council , commissary in charge of entertainment . in college
  4. The commissaries of our school were xu jian , xie xinwei , huang libo from computer academy and hou jiaoying from humanity and sciences of society academy
  5. Calligrapher , research fellow of shaanxi provincial literary history study institute ; judging commissary of lettering seminar , china association of calligrapher

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