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  • 商业站点
  • commercial:    adj. 1.贸易的,商业上的;营业 ...
  • web:    n. 1.蜘蛛网;蛛网状东西,网状组 ...
  • site:    n. 1.地点;位置;地基。 2.场 ...
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  1. A commercial web site where you can get information about china market
  2. Unlike commercial web sites , the volunteermatch site was uncluttered and easy to use
    与其他商业网站不同, “志愿者征询”网站界面友好并易于使用。
  3. By the year 2001 , it is forecast that there will be 220 billion dollars in transactions over the web from hundreds of thousands of commercial web sites
  4. Today , the only question is " what are the limits ? " by some estimates , there are currently 8 billion dollars annually in transactions over the web generated from 60 , 000 commercial web sites
  5. We should avoid buying from commercial web sites that have not been verified as being secure . because if we don t know the background of the web site , we may be easily cheated

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