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  • 商务方式
  • commercial:    adj. 1.贸易的,商业上的;营业 ...
  • way:    adv. 1.= away. 2.〔 ...
  • a way:    方式
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  1. This is just the reason why the agricultural insurance is hard to succeed in a pure commercial way
  2. As what has been said , the paper puts forward five plans to improve the efficiency of the housing finance . first is the marketization of the interest rate . the government must solve the problem of housing of low - income people with allowance through other commercial ways
  3. In the transitional phase , manager of the media is required to seek the social and market opportunities , to run the company n both political and commercial ways , to manage the strategic planning , implementation , imstitutional innovation and to cope with crisis
    在中国当代社会转型语境下,传媒管理者团队能力表现为:政治判断能力、发现社会(市场)机会的能力、 “政企关系”能力、战略定位、执行和应变能力、体制与机制创新能力、化解风险能力等方面。
  4. Guangzhou fenghua bioengineering co . , ltd . is a medium - sized civilian hi - tech enterprise . since its establishment , it has been specializing in the r & d , manufacturing and sale of the medical diagnosis products by aiming the public health institutions as its targeted customers , and making efforts to explore a suitable commercial way to develop from the cooperation with hospitals

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