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  • 商业性水产业
  • 商业渔业
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  1. Enforcement of fishery agreements , where they do exist , for commercial fisheries has been confounded by the wide and patchy distribution of such fishery resources , and the obsolete belief that marine resources are inexhaustible
  2. Moreover the cases of evaluating the fish resources in the upper yangtze river by using basic data were much less . this research evaluates the fishery status in the upper yangtze river by using commercial fisheries data of hejiang section from 1999 to 2002 . the age , growth and mortality of rhinogobio ventralis which is endemic to the upper yangtze river have been studied also . moreover we have estimated the biomas s of rhinogobio ventralis
    本文是在实地调查的基础上,结合水生生物流动监测站合江站1999 - 2002年的监测结果,对长江上游合江段的渔业捕捞现状进行了评估,研究了重要的经济特有鱼类长鳍吻?的年龄、生长和死亡,并对其资源量进行了估算。

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