commercial fiber meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "commercial fiber" in a sentence
  • 商品纤维
  • commercial:    adj. 1.贸易的,商业上的;营业 ...
  • fiber:    n. 〔美国〕 = fibre。
  • as-is fiber:    原态纤维


  1. Fo has developed fiber optics technology into the reality from drawing optical fibers and processing them into commercial fiber optic cold light systems , industrial light guides for microscopy and analytical instruments , micro - capillaries , glass ferrule and glass ceramic ferrules for optical fiber communication systems
  2. 2 the design and manufacture of focs instrument system the foundation of commercial fiber optical chemical technique is to manufacture a fiber optical chemical instrument system . an instrument is assembled with xenon light as the source , bifurcate quartz fiber as the carrier for light , high precision photomultiplier tube for the conversion of light signal to electron signal and the 16 - digit multi - channels analog - to - digital card for collection of data
    生产人作者选择氖灯为光源、设计聚焦系统,以石英分支光纤作为传输光信号介质,高精度光电倍增管检测, 16位多道数据采集卡为a d转换,采用visualbasic编写windows平台操作软件,菜单提示,窗口人机对话,研制成功单通道光纤化学过程传感仪器系统。

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