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  • 商品农业生产
  • 商业性农业
  • commercial:    adj. 1.贸易的,商业上的;营业 ...
  • farming:    n. 1.农业,农作,耕作;饲养(家 ...
  • a farming manure:    一种农家肥
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  1. In europe , by contrast , most poultry are kept in regulated commercial farms
  2. Commercial farming concerns and large - scale farms will not be considered except in unusual circumstances of extreme hardship
  3. Rains have been poor , and the government ' s disastrous land - reform programme has turned once flourishing commercial farming into subsistence agriculture
  4. The purpose of the project is to transfer and disseminate lean swine genetics and requisite technology to the commercial farm level in china including specialised pig households sphs
  5. Only genuine small - scale fish farmers will be considered ; damage suffered by commercial farming concerns and comparatively high income fish farmers will not be considered except in unusual circumstances of extreme hardship

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