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[ kʌm ] Pronunciation:   "come" in a sentence   "come" meaning
  • vi.
    (came; come)
    1.来,过来;去,上,赴。 He came (to my house) last night. 他昨晚(到我家里)来过。 Come nearer (to me).再过来一点。 Come (and) see me .=Come to see me. 来(我家)玩呀。 〔俚语尤其美国俚语中常略去 and 或 to〕。 I will come (to see you) soon. 我过几天去(看你)。 Let'em all come+More...
  • as they come:    按照原来的样子
  • come at:    到达; 威胁(不怀好意)地走近; 袭 ...
  • come by:    参观,访问,拜访; 从旁边走过, 得 ...
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  1. A solitary figure was coming toward him .
  2. He was knocked off the day we came in .
  3. Huge waves came crashing almost on top of us ..
  4. Would you care to come for a walk with me ?
  5. He did n't come today , perhaps he 's ill .

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