combine with meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "combine with" in a sentence
  • 结合,联合,化合
  • 结合起来
  • 使结合;使联合起来
  • 与...相联合
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  • combine:    n. 〔美口〕 1.(政治上的)联合 ...
  • combine:    vt. 1.使结合,合并。 2.兼备 ...
  • combine in:    化合成
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  1. But must linguistics then be combined with sociology ?
  2. 2. 0 ml of this dispersion is combined with the following solutions .
  3. But if you offered to combine with them i would see no objection .
  4. They all require special aptitudes combined with special training .
  5. She had a natural courtesy combined with an unshakable conviction .

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