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  1. Clinical observations on treatment of epileptic seizure by combind catgut embedding and herbal medicine
  2. ( 2 ) the result from combind data sets of c - mos and 12s rrna gene sequences indicates sphaerodactylus has a close relationship to ptenopus and narudasia , but it is in the basal position of gekkonids based on c - mos data alone
    ( 2 ) c n 。 os和12srrna合并数据的分析结果表明球趾虎与壁虎科的ptenopus和narudasia等有较近的亲缘关系但单用c 。
  3. The preparation of chain transfer , the mol percent of pea : aa : mma and the time of combind were systermic investigated . the performance of pc was refledted by the neat cement paste fluidity and fluidity losing . the results indicated : ( 1 ) the preparation of chain transfer was one of most factor of control the molecular weight of copolymer and influence the performance of pc
    通过测定减水剂的水泥净浆流动度及流动度损失宏观反映合成减水剂共聚体pc的性能,研究结果表明: ( 1 )链转移剂是控制共聚物分子量影响共聚体pc性能的主要因素之一,在选择链转移剂zy 、用量为8 aa时的作用效果最佳。
  4. Secodly . the thiese studies further about the future tendency of the official document ' s type of writing in the " four areas " and puts forward the following three viewpoints : first , enhance the communication and seek the common . from the tendency of the official document ' s development in the " four areas " in the resent decades , no matter in the main land , taiwan , hong kong , there is a commen previous basis that the official document developes towards the detection of commen chinese . which can be regarded as the achievement with comment efforts . secondjlook ahead and exchang mutually , seek consensus while reserving differences . at present , many execiting active factors are brought out in the practicing of official document in the four areas . on the document ' s writing style , it stresses the scientific n modern and concise , while on the useage of vocabulary , it stresses the popular ^ commen and standard . with the standardizing of document ' s language , the communication can go smoothly and output its communicative function . third , harmonize steadly and combind naturally . it ' s natural to let the documents and its writing style experience an indetification and devolp the strong points and avoid the weakness ones for the " four areas " , which means a harmonization step by step at the coming day of the unity of china and the unity of document ' s writing style
    ? ? yvj丁盯s了儿s工s目前在两岸四地公文实践中,己经出现了一些令人鼓舞的积极因素:在公文语体上,一致强调科学化、现代化、简明化;在公文词语运用上,注意通俗化、大众化、规范化;公文语言有了规范,才能使交际活动畅行无阻,才能充分发挥公文的交际作用。 3 、逐步融合,自然归一两岸四地应采取自然归一的态度让两岸四地的公文、公文语体在频繁的社会交往中接受甄别和考验,顺其自然,扬长弃短,逐步融合,等待中国大团结大统一时光的到来,也就自然迎来了公文语体水到渠成的归一之势的来临。
  5. The characteristic of chemical grouting material should combind with construstion method directed by the theories , it is necessity guarantee for the good result in some special cases . by cw series material , various complicated engineerings have been successfully handled , such as the treatment of concrete fine cracks in three gorges project ( tgp ) , foundation reinforcement to the fault in in three gorges project ( tgp ) , and the seepage control and reinforcement for the dam base of jiangya hydropower - station . these illustrations are provided to proof the advantages of modified epoxy resin and its technique
    化灌材料特性与理论指导下的灌浆工艺的全面结合是化灌处理,特别是特殊条件下灌浆效果的必要保证, cw系改性环氧化灌浆材及技术对多种复杂工况工程处理对象成功处理,解决了三峡混凝土微细渗水裂缝防渗补强、三峡工程地质断层泥化夹层加固以及江垭电站坝基溶蚀带防渗等一系列工程技术难题,印证了该材料及技术的先进性。

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