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  • color:    n. 1.颜色,色彩;色调;着色;色 ...
  • agent:    provocateur (pl. a ...
  • coloring:    抛光; 配色;色彩; 上色; 颜色不 ...
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  1. Brief report on application of coloring agents to red fuji apples
  2. Kunshan sun coloring agent co . , ltd
  3. Objective : to set up amethod to detect the carcinogen coloring agent sudan hong in food by high performance liquid chromatography ( hplc )
  4. Simple and convenient time - keeper controls accurate standard measure work , also is available in micro and accurate coloring agent measure
  5. In 2003 , imports of the pigment , used as color agents in the production of paint and coatings , amounted to $ 4 . 2 million from china and $ 0 . 4 million from india

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