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  • 色彩派画家
  • color:    n. 1.颜色,色彩;色调;着色;色 ...
  • painter:    n. 【动物;动物学】美洲狮(=co ...
  • painter:     painter1 n. ...
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  1. Henri matisse 1869 - 1954 was the leader of the fauvist movement and came to fame in paris around 1905 . in western art history , his status is comparable to that of picasso , and he is revered as the greatest color painter of the 20th century
    注:马谛斯henri matisse , 1869 - 1954是1905年崛起于法国巴黎的野兽派大师,他在西洋美术史上的地位堪与毕卡索并驾驱,被誉为20世纪最伟大的色彩艺术画家。

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