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  • 辅酶a
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  1. The result of this method agrees well with that estimated by fem . load ratio coefficients a and p are important to calculate vertical stresses
  2. Finally , numerical experiments are carried out to weigh the influence of the artificial dissipation coefficient a and the pseudo - compressibility coefficient
  3. With distinctive opinion of value of coefficient a , it makes use of the computers " programming operation to make the value of a more accurate
  4. The variance with the criterion variable of these six factors is 56 . 931 % and inner identical coefficient a ) is 0 . 742 , which proves that the questionnaire , in certain degree , can measure the graduates " ocse
    六因素的方差累计贡献率为56 . 931 ,问卷的内部一致性系数为0 . 724 ,说明该问卷能够在一定程度上测量大学生的择业效能感。
  5. In chapter four , according to the analysis on the boundary theory and velocity field of main fluid zone of two - phase fluid pumps , the parameter equations of vane ' s modular curve of centrifugal pump are given , which contact the boundary " layer and eular theory of two - phase fluid pump by the fixing angel of vane as variable and leading into the velocity coefficient a . the results show that , in designing process of vane ' s modular curve of centrifugal pump , the determination of the total shape and parameters relates the flow properties of two - phase fluid and output ability of pump , or the design of the modular curve of centrifugal pump is the kernel of hydraulic design
    第四章依据固液两相流泵的边界层理论及对主流区速度场的分析,给出了离心泵叶片型线的参数方程;它是以叶片安装角为参变数,以引入的速度系数k _ v作为中间因子,将两相流泵的边界层理论和欧拉理论联系起来? ?它说明了这样一个事实,在离心泵叶片型线的设计过程中,它的整个形态或参数的确定都关系到两相流体的流动特性和泵的输出能力,或者说,离心泵型线的设计是其水力设计的核心。

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