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[网络] 衣夹;为挂衣钩提供衣服图片;衣服挂钩
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  1. true enough, she asked, “ why did you leave the clothes pegs on the kitchen top after you switched the gas cylinders
  2. this set of alphabet stamps is especially creative, using a clothes peg for the letter a, and a bamboo ladder for the letter h and so forth
  3. a, for example, is made up of part of a clothes peg and is finished with bold black lettering in the bottom portion of the stamp
  4. talk about reinventing the abc s-in hongkong post s new alphabet stamp series, a stands for clothes peg, b for scissors and c for desk lamp
  5. we keep on introducing innovative and creative stamp products for better appeal, ensuring that there are always surprises in store for philatelists . take the " alphabet stamps " issued in january . the 26 letters are presented in a creative and novel manner like clothes peg for a, so on and so forth

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