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特写镜头, 近景照片, 仔细的观察, 小传
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  1. Please offer the closeup of another side , thanks
  2. Look at that . it ' s like a closeup
  3. Figure 5 shows a closeup
  4. Puppets made from similar animal skins were used for closeups . shrews are normally about the size of a mouse
    (裹着皮毛的木偶被用来拍摄近景,真正的? ?只是老鼠的大小。 )
  5. In the closeup view on the lower left , also color coded by x - ray energies , the point sources have been taken out to emphasize the hot gas clouds in the central regions of the antennae
    在左下的放大图中(仍按x射线波段的着色法表示) ,点源已被扣除,这样就可以突出触角星系中心区域的热气体云。

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