clementi meaning in Chinese

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  • 金文泰
  • 克莱芒蒂
  • 克莱门蒂
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  1. Co clementi neighbourhood police centre
  2. Oc clementi fire station
  3. Nearest mrt : clementi
  4. The four schools were la salle college , clementi secondary school , shaukeiwan east government secondary school and st . mark s school . the visits gave the interactors a very good opportunity to understand the difference in the education systems between the two places
  5. One reference was to dr charles carroll , president of highpoint community services association , who volunteered as a shoe - polisher near a theatre in clementi . tall and strong , blue - eyed and gray - haired , the ang moh drew curious looks from passers - by when he was serving the local residents
    这位高头大马灰发碧眼的“红毛人” ,出现在设于金文泰联邦戏院附近的擦鞋档,替居民擦皮鞋时,路人及“顾客”立即投以好奇的目光。

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