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  • 民众安全服务处
  • 清洗及消毒
  • cleanse:    vt. 1.把…弄清洁,把…洗干净; ...
  • disinfect:    vt. 给…消毒,给…灭菌;使洗净。 ...
  • disinfect box:    全自支洗衣机; 消毒箱
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  1. Such cleansing and disinfecting exercises will be conducted regularly in the future
  2. They will also be thoroughly cleansed and disinfected before they leave their workplace
  3. After all the birds have been destroyed , the poultry stalls in the markets will be thoroughly cleansed and disinfected
  4. To protect public health , hong kong has already put in place a system of chicken " rest days " to cleanse and disinfect all retail markets
  5. Between may 22 and 23 , a large scale cleansing and disinfecting operation is being carried out in all common parts of lek yuen estate , including the shopping centre , market and other facilities within the estate s boundary

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