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  1. " and this , " said she , " is the end of all his friend s anxious circumspection
    她说: “这就是他那位朋友处心积虑的结局!
  2. " m . de villefort , " replied the doctor , with increased vehemence , " there are occasions when i dispense with all foolish human circumspection
    “维尔福先生, ”医生愈来愈激愤地答道, “我常常顾及愚蠢的人情。
  3. Therefore , they place an onus upon the person in authority engaged in the relationship to act appropriately , responsibly and with a high degree of circumspection : in short , to act professionally
  4. With circumspection , as invariably when entering an abode his own or not his own : with solicitude , the snakespiral springs of the mattress being old , the brass quoits and pendent viper radii loose and tremulous under stress and strain : prudently , as entering a lair or ambush of lust or adder : lightly , the less to disturb : reverently , the bed of conception and of birth , of consummation of marriage and of breach of marriage , of sleep and of death

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