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  • 传单广告
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  1. A study on urban poverty and anti - urban poverty in china under the circument of social capital
  2. During the institude procedure ^ builded the test circument , sended and received the tds package . i have analysed kinds of tds packages , included all the tds protocol constructure frame , described the meaning of every byte in the tds protocol . using tds8 . 0 i have tested and probed the buges in the sqlserver 2000
    在研究过程中,通过搭建实验环境,发、收tds包,分析tds协议通信的规则,分析出了各种类型的tds包,总结出了整个tds协议的结构框架,具体描述了tds协议各个字节表示的含义,进而对qlserver2000存在的漏洞利用tds8 . 0协议进行了测试,探测。

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