christmas bell meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "christmas bell" in a sentence
  • 圣诞百合
  • 温暖的心
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  1. The christmas bell has rung and the new year is just round the corner . i wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year
  2. When snowflakes come , i will be bake with the father christmas . hold believes , the chiming of christmas bell will gather us
  3. My thought struggled at confessing , somehow hesitation ended in flinching . the white land snow measuring down to us . the chiming of christmas bell
  4. Christmas bell opens my heart . don ' t be surprised at green grass . in the memorial season , the flowers in heart blossom just for you
  5. In such a wonderful time , the christmas bell prolongs . my heart is immersed in endless longing for you and feeling sympathetic of our souls

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