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  1. As we continue to use this gift to be the persons that you have called us to be - to be christlike - to be kind . revealing to us the persons who need our touch
  2. “ all scripture brings us to the conclusion that our religious services are only so many ways of giving up ourselves more and more to the inward working , quickening , sanctifying spirit of god in us ; and all for this end , that a true , real , christlike nature be formed in us , by the same spirit by which it was formed in the holy virgin mary
    “所有的经文带给我的结论是我们宗教信仰和事奉应尽量舍己,让神的灵在我们里面运行,激励和圣化,其目的在我们行为上有真正的基督成形,像圣灵借圣洁的童女马利亚生出基督一样。 ”

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