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  1. Industrial technology research institute manager cheng lin - hao
  2. Artist name : yeung , cheng lin
  3. Female artist yeung , cheng lin
  4. Sim - cheng lin , yung - yaoo chen . design of silf - learning fuzzy sliding mode controllers based on genetic algorithm . fuzzy sets and systems . 1997 , 86 : 139 - 153
    郑怀林,陈维南.基于遗传算法的模糊滑模控制器设计及其在直流伺服系统中的应用.电气自动化, 2000 ( 1 ) 38 - 39
  5. In cradle while cut down divides low - grade forest , notice to do authority of nice area branch and low layer vegetation clear the job , can reduce rat already kind concealment place , destroy mouse kind live condition , reduce rat kind density , can reduce miscellaneous bush to wait again at the same time right young forest competition , those who be helpful for forest is hale grow and shift to an earlier date closing cheng lin , the forest land after yu ren is shut goes against rat kind habitat , can rise to control rat to feel the effect that produces greatly

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