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  • 包机
  • chartered:    adj. 1.(受)特许的。 2.( ...
  • airplane:    n. 〔美国〕 飞机〔英国说 aer ...
  • by airplane:    乘飞机; 搭飞机
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  1. Conversations on the team ' s bus and chartered airplane have taken on a new tone , one that reflects the international makeup of the lakers ' roster
  2. We were received by beijing municipal bureau of tourism for many times and awarded the honorable title of advanced unit in 2003 . in 2005 attains the organization “ the chartered airplane ” , “ the cruise ” comes the beijing traveling prize , the overseas travel agency retail merchant prize we are the member of beijing travel agencies association
    我社曾多次受到北京市旅游局的好评,并于2003年荣获“首都旅游紫金杯”先进集体奖; 2005年获组织“包机” 、 “游轮”来京旅游奖、海外旅行社零售商奖。

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